Jesus I’m Tired – Literally Exhausted

How to Serve God When You’re Literally Exhausted

We’ve all had those times in our lives when there is so much going on that we literally have no energy to give. When we look up to the Lord and think, “Jesus I’m tired… literally exhausted!” Running a taxi service for your kids. Working two jobs and playing the role of supermom. Struggling with an illness that sucks the life out of you. There are so many things in the life of a woman that could deter you from living out your calling.

The devotions I’ve been doing lately have been stressing the importance of giving God my best. Each time I read something on it, I kept wondering “God, how am I supposed to do that when I feel so crappy most of the time?” I can start my day feeling pretty good but be wiped out an hour later. My energy waxes and wains. My ability to even sit up is hit or miss. So how do You expect me to serve You when my health is so unpredictable? {{said with a hint of passive-aggressiveness}} Jesus I’m tired – literally exhausted!

It would be so easy to say, “I can’t serve You.” but that isn’t the answer He’s expecting or desiring. He wants me to trust Him and simply say, “Yes Lord. Here I am. Send me.” Sometimes my best is choosing to serve and have faith in Him even when I don’t have the energy to move. It is my attitude in the midst of the storm that He is most concerned about. If I say I am a follower of Jesus Christ but I turn inward when things get rough, am I truly trusting Him?

So how can I serve Him?

Serve behind the scenes in a way that is not time sensitive.

Ask your pastor what needs to be done that falls within your physical limits. Are you good at writing? Designing? Computer work? Finances? Praying? Intercession? There are things you can do behind the scenes if you think outside the box.

Reach out to those in need.

reach out to those in need- Jesus I'm Tired - Literally Exhausted

This can serve so many purposes! First, it helps those that are hurting. Maybe you can make a meal (or provide the funds for someone else to) or just be there for someone else. Perhaps you have the ability to provide financial assistance to a single mom who can’t pay her electricity this month. You have a unique set of abilities that are still present despite your illness.

Second, it forces you to think beyond yourself. When you see others hurting, it doesn’t minimize your pain but it can help you have empathy for others. It’s so easy to get caught up in a woe-is-me way of thinking. It’s also easy to have a scarcity mindset that somehow God isn’t capable of handling your problems and theirs, so you focus on yourself instead. He is a God of abundance and there is plenty of Him to go around.

Third, it improves your faith and trust in God. When we come to Him with this abundance mentality, and we remember His grace and truth, we know that He will provide everything we need. It may not be comfortable or picture perfect, but we are exactly where He wants and needs us to be.

dig deep into his soil- Jesus I'm Tired - Literally Exhausted

Dig deep and dirty into His word.

A common misconception is that if you dig deep into His word, life becomes easy peasy. It’s typically the opposite. As you dig into His word, He reveals those areas in your life that need pruning. It’s almost like reorganizing a room – it looks worse before it looks better.

clean dining room table - Jesus I'm Tired - Literally Exhausted

Think about it. When you want to reorganize a room, you have to take stuff out, move stuff around, make a mess so that you can make it look the way you want it. I call it the “Storm Before the Calm”. When God is doing the work in you, he’s trimming away all the extraneous stuff that has no business in your life in order to make room for the good stuff; His stuff. He’s going to lay the mess out and start to show you what needs to go, what needs to stay, and what needs to be added. Your life cannot be made to fit His desires without some re-organization. So dig deep. Get dirty and embrace the process knowing He will make you clean and whole.


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