The No-Salad Way to Lose Weight and Feel Great

Have you ever tried to lose weight and thought that meant eating salads, twigs, and cardboard? I don’t know about you but I’d much prefer a no-salad way to lose weight where I see the scale heading in the right direction AND I don’t feel deprived of the flavors and foods I love.

Help! I’m off the wagon again!

Diets are not my thing.  Not from a personal perspective or from a professional one. The sad thing about diets is you’re either on or off without any wiggle room in between. While some people enjoy the rigidity of a strict diet, most get annoyed by it.  So why do we continue to go back to them over and over again? 

Because we want a fix and we want it now.    

But what if you could get that fix, be satisfied in your everyday nutrition – knowing that you are eating healthfully AND still enjoying the foods you love? Is that something you could do long term? In a no-salad way to lose weight?

Think moderation, not deprivation

There’s one key thing that trips up so many people – and that’s the notion that you can’t have your cake and eat it to… that to lose weight, you must eat cardboard and sticks and be miserable the entire time.  Most people view diets as short-term fixes to follow until a certain goal is reached and then they go back to their old way of eating.  And then (dun dun dun…) all that weight comes back and then some.

According to famous paleo girl Tara Grant, “If you are going to have a treat, enjoy every freakin’ bite. Look at it when you eat it. Eat slowly. Don’t unconsciously shovel it into your mouth. And don’t consider it “falling off the wagon”.” I like her philosophy!

You see, the trick isn’t to deprive yourself of the treat; it’s to enjoy it so slowly and immensely, that a little bit of it will go a long way. 

It’s also about getting in touch with WHY you wanted that treat in the first place.  Was it to soothe a rough patch in your mental landscape?  Because it was there, and you were bored?  Because others were there, and you didn’t want to feel left out?  Or was it simply because you were in the mood? Getting to the heart of this is what will finally break food’s hold over you. 

What’s the next step?

First, become more aware of what’s going on inside your head when you’re faced with eating not so healthy foods. Take an objective step back from the situation and ask yourself what’s going on and why you’re having difficulty stepping away from the temptation.

Second, what can you do in the moment to make the hit less impactful on your goals?  Would a smaller portion suffice?  Would slowing down your roll so you can savor each and every bite you take?  Is there something else that would be a healthier substitute for you that would still be satisfying?

Third, this isn’t all or nothing.  If you take a bite and it’s not as good or satisfying as you thought, it’s totally okay to put the fork down and walk away.  There is no “Grandma’s Rule” etched in stone that says you must finish your plate.  Losing out on a few bucks is no big deal when you weigh it against your mental, emotional, and physical satisfaction of being able to walk away.

So what DO I eat?

Use the K.I.S.S. principle – Keep It Super Simple. 

9-inch plate
9-inch plate
  • ½ of your plate should include non-starchy veggies
  • ¼ of your plate starchy foods/grains
  • ¼ of your plate lean proteins
  • Use fats sparingly & stick with UNsaturated fats (plant based) as much as possible
  • Add a serving of fruit & dairy and call it a day

Want a little more detail?

For each of your 3 meals, aim for:

  • 3 oz lean protein
  • 30-45 gms of total carb
  • Less than 20 gms of total fat (with most coming from UNsaturated sources)
  • Fill up on non-starchy veggies to keep your belly full and satisfied

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