Treat Your Body Like a Temple

Did you know…

that God wants you to treat your body like a temple? It’s one of your purposes in this life.

I know… it probably sounds strange to you but the Bible is very specific about taking care of our bodies as a living sacrifice to God.  And really… any time we think about living for Christ, we should know there are sacrifices to be made.

From all the women I’ve coached, there are two key themes that keep women from following through on this one thing.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this time period is one of the busiest that women have ever lived.  Many of us work full-time, take care of a family and a household.  Most of our after work hours are spent taxiing our kids everywhere, running errands, and doing chores. So where are we supposed to fit in self-care?

Honestly, it has to happen in the wee pockets of time or by prioritizing what’s on your to-do list and getting rid of the things that don’t really matter. 

For example, when my daughter was a teenager, she loved soccer.  My husband, in his infinite wisdom (yes, sarcasm is my super power), decided to sign her up for 3 different soccer leagues – school, rec league, and a premiere league.  I was working two jobs at the time and trying my darndest to get to all of her practices and games.  I finally had to say that one of them had to go.  There is no need to teach a child that chaotic busyness is a way of life.  And no mama should live that life either.


But we are so afraid to say no because we don’t want to let people down and/or we don’t want to look foolish or selfish.  But sister, there is no such thing as taking care of yourself being a bad thing.  You just have to ask yourself the motive for doing it:

Am I doing it out of vain conceit? Just because I want to look hot and feel sexy?

Am I doing it at the expense of God or my family? Anything that takes priority over God or family becomes your idol.  Be careful with how much and what you do for self-care.  There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Am I doing it so that I can come before God and my family at my best?  I used to tell my kids that they needed to give me time to exercise because the alternative was murder.  I was a much happier, more laid back mom when I had that outlet of physical activity to channel my negative emotions into.

So don’t treat your body like a temple for the “Dang! I got hot!” of it.  Do it for the “I can actually focus and be present for God and my family” of it instead.

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